Web Design

South Hill Graphics has been designing web sites for 16 years. Founder Bob Michek was trained in interactive multimedia in the 90s and took that knowledge and applied it to the web. South Hill Graphics has been involved in web building small sites all the way up to complex municipal and regional district web sites.

In the last two years we have focused mainly on the popular WordPress platform because they are so flexible, powerful and dynamic. We can tailor your site to your exact needs as we build our sites from the bottom up. Once complete, they are easy for our clients to use once they are released. Through our partners we offer hosting on their secure servers for your completed site. For a small monthly charge, we will also back up your site and through security features monitor and protect it from intrusion.

WordPress is modular. If you want a calendar, a directory with categories, e-commerce etc., we search the WordPress repository or private companies and simply install the plug-in. Themes are a part of WordPress. If you want to change colours on your site or change its look without changing content, then change the theme.

WordPress is self-maintained and our customers love it. If you know how to type, save, run a word processing program ever so simple, you can look after a WordPress site. They are easy. For the most part, they are meant for people who know little about the web.

When you get your site

When your WordPress site is launched, we train you in the fundamentals, to get you all set up. It is important to us (and you) that you are comfortable with your new piece of technology. If you do have problems or questions later on, we are only a call away and more than happy to assist when we can.

When submitting files to us for inclusion in a web site, please consider the file requirements for web page.