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When you see our cards, you’ll want some. Period.

Starting at $99. Full colour. 1000 cards. One or two-sided same price. Professional design is included.


Blumko Business Card, graphic design in Prince George, Quesnel, Williams LakeTwo-sided card, high gloss varnish both sides (add $4.50). The colours pop and the black is deep. Absolutely beautiful card.

Sis's B CardOne-sided card for a client in Cranbrook, BC. High-gloss finish. The price is the same for one OR two-sides printed.

Rocky's Business Card-1A two-sided card. This is the front and yes, that is a South Hill Graphics logo! We do those too.

Rocky's Business Card-2The back side of Rocky’s card. Simple, high quality typeface, always quality components.

PrintRounded corners are also available on our cards. Add $12. Makes them stand out just that much more.

Quesnel Autism Services Adrian LeatherFront side of a two-sided card. Cards can be upscaled to our Luxury Cards at 38 pt (just about 1/8 in. thick). Call for a quote.

Quesnel Autism Services-2Back side of the same card. You’ll notice the design is reversed front to back so when you flip it over it all joins. Intelligent design.

DR Ruddy Business CardCustomization: each card is unique. We use no templates, everything is treated as something new and different.

See what our customers already know! But that’s not all we do.


Our Quesnel

Brochures and Flyers

We create exquisite brochures and flyers, all individually thought out, planned and then professionally designed by experienced, schooled designers. Then we print them on beautiful paper or card stock with options for different coatings such as high gloss varnish or AQ coatings. We do not use templates on anything we do. Your piece stands by itself amongst the best in the marketplace.

Pull up banners

Pull-up Banners

These measure 33″ W x 81″ H and are great as backdrops for trade shows, shopping malls, open areas or  events. They come complete with carrying case and are fully assembled. All you have to do is pull the banner up, insert the prop rod at the top and you’re ready to go! 

You’ll find our price for pull up banners is quite competitive.   

Steel Wings Logo Black Bkgnd


We have done lots of logos over the years for Mom and Pop shops right up to Corporate logos. Always make sure you are very clear with your objectives for your logo and explain them to us carefully. They have to convey your complete identity and all that you stand for in about 1 to 1.5 seconds.

We create responsive
websites using Wordpress

For eight years South Hill Graphics has been designing websites using the world’s most popular content management system. The reason? It works, and it works well. You can be a complete novice with the internet but with Wordpress you can update your site, add pictures and look good doing it. It’s so easy!

We have an arsenal of tools we use to make you look your best, give your site the strength it needs and when we’re done we teach you how to use it. Got a question later on? Just call, we’re here for you.

And no surprise, this website is a Wordpress site! We use the platform ourselves because we like it too.

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